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        European and American automobile market purchase
        Source:   Date:2013-12-12   Viewed:
                            As multinational group of China mold and die purchase quantity increasing, the next five to 10 years of European and American automobile market of China mold and die purchase quantity will increase significantly, and gradually from low-end to high-end development. This objectively stimulated the development of China’s high-grade mold market.
                           We have learned, and stronger mold clamp industry support the development of own-brand cars has always been a mold clamp industry goal. So the first thing we should continue to challenge mode of high technical content in high-grade products. At present, the domestic high-grade mold products to meet its rate is less than 60%, a significant number of imported. With the rapid development of China’s independent brand cars, the future demand for high-grade mold clamp market will be more urgent.
                           A few years ago, many domestic automobile mold factory mainly undertook the a-class car mold development and A small amount of b-class mold development, along with more b-class, c-class car models, high-grade market demand for automobile stamping die will increase significantly. Die holder as to support the development of the auto industry giants, vibrant, with the spirit of national industry will move towards the world and the industry towards a brilliant!
                           China mold clamp industry must shoulder required in the process of China’s auto industry to develop independent mould and welding jig, beneficiaries and progress of China mold and die industry is not only the industry itself, more major is made contributions in the independent brand cars. Due to the progress of the mould and die industry in China, making the mould price is imported from international in 2000 dropped by 30%, or more, this is the mould progress bring people benefits.

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