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        The mold design and manufacturing level in China
        Source:   Date:2013-12-12   Viewed:

                    After decades of technology accumulation, China mold and die industry in recent years and to increase international exchanges, vigorously promotes the technology innovation, on the production technology has achieved significant breakthrough, have stronger competitiveness, industry mold production value of 2015, China’s is expected to reach 350 billion yuan.

                     Although in recent years the domestic mold exports continue to increase, and increased levels of international competitiveness. But mostly concentrated in the medium, mould technology level is low, low added value, part of the high precision mould depend on import, so the domestic mold manufacturing industry in various fields to strengthen integration.

                     Throughout the development process, related industries and enterprises need to been, hidden under the state of mind, vigorously promotes the new technology, new technology research, gradually formed division of labor and collaboration, multidisciplinary and comprehensive scientific research and development pattern, with independent intellectual property rights of mold products. Now mould industry in China through the introduction of foreign capital, absorbing the foreign advanced mold manufacturing experience, advanced technology and high level talents, mold design and manufacturing level of our country had very big rise.

                     At present, China’s mold industry has formed distinctive mold production base of industrial cluster, and provides a platform for mold enterprise of scientific development, innovation ability of enterprises is also constantly improve, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, the mould enterprises in our country will have stronger competitiveness in the future.

              "As China’s domestic demand continues to increase, can be expected in 2013 China mold and die industry still has large growth. Especially in the automotive industry, has led to the rapid development of China mold and die industry, promote the mould rapid transformation and upgrading of the enterprise." Vigorously strengthen the independent innovation, industry on the transformation of the mode of growth, optimizing the industrial structure, more need high levels of mold machinery and equipment, the development of mould industry provide a broad space for development. More importantly, the implementation of the "twelfth five-year", and the development of emerging strategic industry policy, the policy of regional development planning and the development of the equipment manufacturing industry will provide a new growth point for mold and die industry. With manufacturing in the developed countries have to transfer to China, China’s mold industry usher in a new round of development opportunities. Forecast, in both inside and outside and flooding has dynamic environment, by 2015, mold production and sales in China will reach 350 billion yuan.

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