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        International Automotive Mould Exhibition Guangzhou
        Source:   Date:2012-12-7   Viewed:

        Nov,24,2012,the tenth Guangzhou International Automotive Mould Exhibition make a successful conclusion with a perfect closing ceremony. We and other company’s participation make the exhibition more diversified and grand.

        Xander with well-prepared, exquisite design, high quality mould become a leading in the same industry once again, attracted so much foreign and domestic businessman have a consult and discuss with us. As precision automotive mould manufacturing, the exhibition main to display our auto parts. By communicate with us, many customers said further cooperation intention with our company, including America, Germany, Singapore, Japan and so on. Xander take full advantage of the opportunity to further expand our popularity and influence.

        Recently, Xander make a remarkable achievement. The automotive industry is our largest market , we have become specialist is many categories, automotive mould is one of them. Xander take full use of Alibaba resource, with the help of network exploit marketing, strive to occupy more marketing share. Internal, Xander apply ERP management system, to realize management goal. By good market operation ability and modern enterprise management ability, Xander have occupy a importation position in automotive mould filed. Even so ,we will continue to improve ourselves, learning from excellent enterprise, accelerating the process of brand construction, rational meet changing market, create more and better products service to our clients.

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